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Cuthbertson High School Marching Band
1400 Cuthbertson Road
Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173-8101

Phone: (704) 296-0105
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Fundraising Minute 1/20/14 

The Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How? of Cuthbertson Band Fundraising

Fundraising is one of the most challenging and important activities to which your student will be asked to contribute as a member of the Cuthbertson Instrumental Music Program.  With the help of our students & parents, we raise funds in many ways:

  • Participation Fees.  Did you know that marching band students pay a $500 participation fee that funds around 90% of the marching band budget (show design, drill & music, instruction, uniforms, travel, equipment, etc.).  Or that students selected for participation in extra-curricular music activities such as Honor Bands, Winterguard, Indoor Percussion, Jazz Band, etc., pay participation fees to cover the cost of their instruction, uniforms, travel, etc.  Regional & national trips, such as the MS trip to Disney or the HS trip to the Grainger Festival in Chicago, are largely funded through fees paid by the students participating in the trip.
  • Traditional Fundraisers.  The number and timing vary from year to year, and may include the sale of AutoBell car wash vouchers in the summer, fresh fruit in the fall, ornaments around the holidays, and a 5K Fun Run in the spring.  Traditional fundraisers often include an option for students to raise funds to meet their individual participation fees & trip expenses, as well as providing funds for the MS & HS concert band budget, new instrument purchases, etc.  Participation in all traditional fundraisers, while very important and highly encouraged, is 100% optional and typically include a cash donation opt out option.
  • Spiritwear.  Proceeds from spiritwear sales (marching band show shirts, Cuthbertson  logo wear, etc.) help to offset the shortfall in the marching budget.  Need a one and help the band!!!
  • Specialty Fundraisers.  These include the Holiday Greenery sales, the Jazz Band Dinner, Year-End Instrument Drive, etc.  Funds are typically earmarked to reduce the overall cost of a specialty activity for all students, such as the Grainger Chicago trip transportation expense or an Indoor Percussion / Winterguard trip to regionals or nationals.  There will be additional fundraisers this year as the students prepare for upcoming trips.
  • Shared Fundraisers.  As a member of the Cuthbertson Quad , we join forces with the HS & MS PTSOs and the Cuthbertson Athletic Booster Club (CABC) to sponsor opportunities for mutually beneficial fundraising, such as the Holiday Bazaar.
  • Sponsorships.  We receive financial support from businesses interested in the continued success of the instrumental music program.  Check out our current sponsors that will be featured next week in the newsletter! If you own a business consider becoming one of our sponsors. 

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